lunedì 18 agosto 2014

Among the tuscan hills a spa village of old traditions

Casciana Terme originally named Castrum de Aquis by the romans is a village in Tuscany in the heart of the Pisan hills of the Valdera area, renowned as a thermal baths place since the beginning of the first millenium, its origins can be attributed to the etruscans as recent findings nearby bear witness.

In its higher portion, a castle with walls and towers was present in the 12th century and the Aquisana Tower still stands today.
One of the oldest buildings is the Church of Santa Maria Assunta from 840 AC and renovated in the 19th century and contains the Madonna with Child a valuable wood panel of the 14th century, framed in a 15th century fresco with the Madonna of the Rosary.

Points of interest are also:

The Church of San Martino in Petrajia originally built in the 13th century and completely renovated in 1807

The Oratory of the Madonna of the seven pains, originally part of Saint Bartholomew Hospital

The old fortress of Gello di Mattaccino with its origins in the 8th century

In the 15th century Casciana Terme begun to be known and promoted for the therapeutic properties of its thermal waters and in 1862 a large spa complex started to be built.

The flourishing spa with different health treatments has progressively brought to an expansion of the village with new hotels and accomodations capable to meet the numerous guests demands.

The visitor here, after enjoying the wellness and spa participation, can relax just enjoying walking along the treelined alleys and the local little shops, breathing the low pace life that still can be found around these places, and with the valuable assistance of the local tour operator Arianna & Friends, dedicated to food and wine experiences as well as tuscan arts and culture, make the most of a holiday to treasure.