lunedì 24 marzo 2014

The Chianti from Pisa district

We are in the province of Pisa, the area of Casciana, Chianni, Palaia, Lari, Peccioli, Terriciola, and Fauglia, looking east we find Florence,  north there is Lucca, and to the south  Siena and Grosseto.

Here is cultivated the vine that gives birth, thanks to the skill of his winegrowers, climate and soil characteristics, to the DOCG wines of great quality Chianti Colli Pisani.
The ruby red wine with a majority of grape variety Sangiovese reflects the harmony and character of the hills from which it comes from, the territories where nature and human endeavor distinguish a product of high quality and value throughout Tuscany.

From the time of Barone Ricasoli, "father of Chianti", to this day, little has changed in the way of conceiving this noble wine that tuscan farmers produce with passion in compliance with the specifications that encode its essence.

Without anything to envy to other areas of Tuscany that in the public opinion are intended as "Chianti", we can say that this territory offers, with equal dignity and merit, atmospheres and landscapes of pristine beauty, tradition and culture, art and gastronomy, hospitality of its inhabitants who are proud of belonging to a unique land.

Thanks to its valuable characteristics Chianti Pisano is visited every year by tens of thousands of tourists coming mainly from abroad, who from early spring to late autumn are on holiday in these areas, where accommodations range from historic luxury villas to comfortable holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, farmhouses and hotels.

Here tranquility and relaxation are undisputed, and travellers can also choose the activities that most interests them between visits to wineries to taste the Chianti and other typical wines, extra virgin olive oil, tastings of typical products such as meats and cheeses.

Considerable success are achieving typical Tuscan cooking classes, which are held either in well equipped farmhouses or directly to the address of the visitor, it is also quite common to come across along streets and alleys, individuals or small groups of people, from the apparent non-local look, which equipped with a map or gps navigator device, explore the area on foot or by bicycle, whilst there is a large participation for horseback riding or off-road vehicles excursions, rides on a Vespa, and golf playing .